Magereza Sacco Society Ltd.

FOSA provides banking services for members. It has its own savings account and credit products. FOSA Business Hours: Monday - Friday (9:00am to 4:00pm). Weekend 1st & last Saturday of the month (9:00am - 12:00pm).


  • Minimum balance is Ksh.500/-
  • Interest rate is earned on minimum balance of Ksh.3,000/-
  • Members can access their accounts through ATM VISA cards countrywide and and Msacco
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fixed deposit A/C

  • Minimum amount is Ksh.10,000/- at a very competitive interest rate
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  • Available to members whose salaries are processed through FOSA A/C
  • Maximum repayment period is 3 months
  • Member's salary acts as the security
  • Interest rate is 10%
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Bankers cheques

  • Processed reasonable fast for Ksh.150/- as you wait
  • Charges are reduced when there are special offers from Co-operative Bank
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Jijenge LOAN

  • Salary must pass through FOSA A/C
  • Deduction is through check-off system
  • Maximum loan amount is Ksh.500,000
  • Maximum repayment period is 36 months
  • Interest rate is 1.15% 
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School Fees Loan

  • Maximum loan amount is Ksh.200,000
  • Maximum  repayment period is 24 months
  • Processed through FOSA A/C
  • Loan is recovered over the counter - once salary checks-in
  • Interest rate is 1.15% on reducing balance
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Karibu Loan

  • Maximum Loan is Ksh. 500,0000/=
  • Repayment Period 48 Months
  • Interest Rate 1.25% p.m
  • Salary must be processed through Fosa
  • Loan granted for newly recruited members within 6 months of joining the sacco
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  • Processed at Magfosa
  • Available to members who wish to clear existing loans to apply for fresh loans
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BOSA Loan Advance

  • An advance taken on a loan that is in process
  • Commission and recovery is made once loan is approved
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  • The M-Banking platform enables our members to transact through their mobile phones at their convenience
  • Members can make deposits or boost their shares
  • By dialing *850# members get the various M-Banking services
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Other services

  • M-PESA services
  • Monthly salary / Pension processing    
  • Standing orders
  • Boosting of shares
  • Off-setting external loans
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FOSA Branches

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Address :

Mageso Chambers, Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

P.O Box 53131 - 00200

Phone :

(20) 2244138


0718 224 956


0797671887, 0202241423


0718 224956


0721 387628